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On 31 May this year the Prime Minister wrote to all Secretaries of State setting out plans to open up government data to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account.

One element of this programme relates to transparency of central government spending and requested that all government spending over £25,000 is published online. Important first steps taken include the details of public spending and the names, job titles and salaries of the 345 officials who earn more than the Prime Minister, giving people more information with which they can really hold politicians and government to account. On 29 May 2010 the PM set out a detailed timetable for the release of other key transparency data for the rest of the year, including dates for the release of central and local government payments, contracts and tenders, and more details of the names, jobs and salaries of senior officials.

In this age of tough spending regimes, increased (and welcome) focus on how public sector is spending tax-payers money and mounting efficiency measures to enforce value for money, we look forward to Government demanding greater transparency from its suppliers. Government purchasing includes a demand for cost breakdown and description when evaluating major ITT responses but why not go a step further?

Alpine has, since 2003, run an open book policy whereby we have disclosed our revenue, costs and margins. To our knowledge, we are the only organisation of our kind to do so and we do so in support of one of our key values “Transparency.” Values are only meaningful if they are visible in every customer transaction. We believe firmly that we have duty to disclose this information – more than that, we believe our public sector customers have the right, if not the duty, to insiston evidence that we are giving real value for money and to allow the public sector procurement team to evaluate our offerings compared to other suppliers.

We are proud to be leading the way in transparency. The time has come however for Government to make suppliers accountable for how they allocate income from the public purse, in order to demonstrate real, tangible value.

Bridgette Cameron

CEO Alpine


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