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We at Alpine are delighted to announce that Elizabeth has now received her wish from Make-A-Wish Foundation®UK

Whist Elizabeth was in school, at the beginning of March, a team from Cheshire Spa arrived and began the install for her Spa Pool. Elizabeth did not know that the pool was being installed on the day, as her parents wanted to make it an even greater surprise when she arrived home. When she arrived home she walked through the door to be surrounded by balloons, leading the way to her new pool.

In Elizabeth’s words “It was fantastic to come home from school and see my spa pool with the waterfall, and all the lovely balloons! The Spa Pool will allow me to have the freedom of movement in the water, and this is my favourite thing. I am going to have lots of fun.”

In Elizabeth’s mothers words “The sound of the water has been incredibly soothing for Elizabeth; she is sleeping more soundly at night and is more calm since the pool has been installed.”


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