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Last month Alpine celebrated its 11th anniversary of supporting the public sector and leaving its customers better equipped. Through our Workforce and Leadership Elevenses series, we offer up thought leadership articles that highlight key workforce challenges. Here Barry Glassberg, a founding member, talks about the Alpine Associate network.

My career has been dedicated to public services. I was CIO for the Inland Revenue, responsible for helping to bring together the Inland Revenue and Customs IT departments into what is now the merged HM Customs and Revenue.

When the time came to retire I wasn’t ready for it – neither pipe nor slippers held much attraction for me. I felt I still had much to offer to public services, and felt my first hand experiences of massive organisational change could help fast track other people’s learning. After meeting Bridgette Cameron, the seeds of an idea for an associate network began. It grew beyond our wildest dreams.

There were others like me who had a wealth of expertise and experience that could be harnessed for public good. Amongst them were senior or partner level managers from central and local government who had experience of managing public contracts and consultants. We had a common desire to remain connected with the public sphere and make a positive difference.

From that simple concept grew the Alpine Associate network. This is an informal network of public sector professionals, which allows us to share values that reflect Alpine’s organizational culture.

Transparency is part of Alpine’s DNA. It offers any customer regular individualised spending reviews so they know how exactly how much they have paid, where their payments to Alpine are spent (e.g. the amount that goes directly to the individual associate; overhead costs; margin; corporate stewardship). Equally, Alpine associates have full access to the cost to the customer. A simple concept, but a rarity in today’s marketplace, where this is often hidden behind the term ‘commercial sensitivity’.

Aside from the aim of meeting customers’ immediate needs we aim to build sustainable capacity – to leave them better placed and equipped to tackle similar issues themselves in the future.

This works well for both our customers and associates. Everyone across the organisation is motivated by helping organisations that have a problem, and then moving on. We don’t sell, we build relationships and trust because we are genuinely interested in leading positive change for an engaged workforce.

Our support has been given in a number of ways. High level mentoring and recruitment of senior Boards has been popular as have our organisational, service, performance, and project reviews. Sometimes customers ask us to help with corporate turnaround and change programmes.

One review I was personally involved in was of a London borough’s plan for a major IT procurement. As a result of my review the brief and objectives for the procurement contract were changed significantly. The process was simplified, de-risked and was more in line with business and customer needs.

For me personally my time as an Alpine associate has been a rewarding and satisfying venture and has kept a few grey cells firing! Equally, our customers tell us it is valuable for them: all of our work is repeat business or by referral, and they know we back our words – and theirs – with relevant action.

Barry Glassberg has worked for Alpine for 10 years and co-founded the Alpine Associates Network. He is a senior level interim and experienced change manager.


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