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Latest Assignments And Current Roles

Alpine provides transformational resource solutions to key Public Sector organisations and programmes throughout the UK.


Service Delivery Project Manager (Interim)

Rates: Market Rates
Location: Hampshire
Duration: 3-6 months

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Head of Adult Education (Interim)

Rates: Market rates
Location: East Anglia
Duration: 12 Months

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Business Case Expert – Health (Interim)

Job type: Interim
Location: London
Salary: £795 p/d

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Welcome to Alpine

Alpine is the UK's leading provider of interim management, thought leadership and consultancy services. Our core values of integrity and transparency underpin everything we do.

We understand the financial challenges facing the public sector have never been greater - and the pressure to make every pound, and every person, count. Which is where we come in.

Alpine has a proud history of working with leaders across central and local government to unlock the full potential within their organisations. Our expertise has enabled us to cut budgets without cutting services.

Over the last decade we have assigned specialists to lead some of the UK public sector’s most challenging projects, and we are justifiably proud of our roster of highly experienced, sought-after leaders. We also have a strong track record of helping organisations modernise through digital transformation with our teams of highly specialised technical experts.

However, we understand that skills alone count for nothing without a sound understanding of how your organisation needs to function. We don’t just bring unparalleled outside expertise to the challenges facing your organisation. Our interims have the necessary experience and gravitas to effect tangible and sustainable change.

At Alpine we view our customers as partners, and we aim to leave each project with cost-effective solutions in place that are sustainable - leaving budgets in the black, managers free to manage rather than fire fight, and service levels for clients and stakeholders permanently improved. Our business is split into three main areas: Alpine Advantage, Alpine Interim and Alpine LG. Please refer below for more information.

Some of our Clients

Local Government Association

Transport for London

Ministry of Justice

City of Westminster

Network Rail

Marketing Director – Charity:

‘Put simply, Alpine are the definition of professionalism and integrity. I can't recommend them highly enough, either as a service provider or business partner.’

CIO – NHS Trust:

‘Alpine are driven to deliver the highest quality results and best outcomes for their clients. They have a strong understanding of the interim market, which they reinforce with a client's specific, individual needs, ensuring an excellent outcome through careful selection and matching with their wide range of contacts.’

Council in the South East:

‘I am very impressed.... Alpine are clearly an organisation that understand local Government’

Alpine Interim

Change is urgently needed across the public sector to cut costs and improve services. In today’s climate of austerity, standing still simply isn’t an option. Yet while the obstacles to change are considerable, so too are the opportunities. Closer integration of services – from health to social care to local government – has incredible potential to transform lives whilst making the most of shrinking budgets. However, skill and resource constraints can make that hard in practice. We understand that dealing with frequently short-term funding cycles and policy priorities adds to the challenge.

So how can we help you meet that challenge?

It’s simple. Our network of interim managers are among the best in the sector. Leaders in their field, every manager we work with is steeped in experience and hands-on knowledge. As a leader we’ll free you to do what you’re best at: lead. Alpine has a proud track record in transformation. Over the last decade our specialists have helped organisations like yours save millions of pounds.

Applying their vast experience of leading major programmes, our specialists have stepped in to put high risk projects back on track, restructured IT programmes, built up long-term capabilities… the list is as varied as our interim managers’ expertise. But we’re not just about a quick fix. We take immense satisfaction in leaving our customers and their services permanently better off. We want to give you long term solutions. Whether you’re looking for an interim head of finance, an expert lead in large procurement, specialists with deep sector knowledge, or someone to turn around a failing programme or project - we can help. Our interim managers offer innovative solutions to complex problems, tailored to the specific context of your organisation. Read our section 'Definition of an Interim Manager' to understand how an interim manager adds value to major transformation.

What makes us different?

Ultimately, it’s the value we place on the relationships with our customers and interims. Integrity and Transparency underpin everything we do. Hence our long-standing partnerships with top-level leaders and experts across the public sector. We get results by treating our customers as partners and listening. After learning your exact requirements, we’ll match you with one of our highly skilled specialists. Sustainability is key. We emphasise building a transfer of skills in-house and a ‘change from within’ philosophy to ensure your services are permanently improved. We pride ourselves on our exclusive register of highly skilled experts. Our interims come referred to us by industry leaders, have many years experience undertaking transformational programmes and, in over 85 per cent of cases, choose Alpine as their provider for future assignments. Talk to us if you need help with CXO's, programme directors, project management, business change specialists, commercial, procurement or transition leads or advisors.

For more information please contact us at info@alpine.eu.com

Local government

We care about councils. We are dedicated to local democracy, and we are committed to public services that make a difference. Working with local government and its partners, we can help achieve better outcomes for you, your members and the citizens in your locality. We understand that local government faces increasingly complex challenges against a backdrop of reducing budgets. But the best innovations are often born out of the toughest problems. Experience shows that lasting change is not closed and imposed, but open and co-created. Whether its collaborating with you to build apps, examining the benefits of integrating health and social care, or working with communities on Olympic legacy projects - we understand that change is only possible when it is owned by the people it affects.

We recognise the opportunities to help you deliver efficient savings, but also to create value that can help you generate income. Alpine will help you unleash the creative power of your elected members, workforce and communities to shape imaginative solutions for your unique local problems. In order to achieve that we see our local government customers very much as partners. We will work with you to understand your needs and find the best solutions.

We focus on leadership, engagement, building capacity and value so that we leave you, your workforce and your communities better equipped to face uncertainty and change in the future. And our deep local, regional and sector-wide networks will help you to share knowledge and learning for the good of the sector.

Contact: Bridgette Cameron 0203 4781341 (office) or 07764183541 bcameron@alpine.eu.com

Alpine Advantage

New technology creates the opportunity to adapt fundamental digital transformation. It’s about fundamental digital transformation that drives the development and delivery of services themselves. At Alpine Advantage we can help you unlock the value in your organisation with our teams of technology professionals. Digital change can speed up how you do business, slash delivery costs and improve communication. It can cut back on paperwork, save time, and improve people’s satisfaction with the services they need. Unfortunately, not every organisation has the skills or systems in place to develop the technology they need to help them deliver their goals.

Which is where we come in. Our digital specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise working with a range of people and organisations (many that aren’t necessarily technologically minded). Whether it’s planning, building software, deploying new technologies or setting up ongoing support for users – whatever your project requires, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

So what have we done?

We’ve helped businesses implement cross-departmental collaboration platforms, which yielded huge efficiency savings. We’ve brought flexibility to organisations through mobile working. We’ve even trained non-technical staff how to build their own apps. And if you need a quick project turnaround, we can parachute a ‘swat team’ of experts into your organisation when a rapid turnaround is needed. Our teams typically have a history of working together. This means you can hit the ground running: there are no delays in establishing a team, deciding who does what, or managing project wind-downs.

For us, digital is about making your organisation more targeted, efficient and effective. It’s about creating modern, user-friendly services that the public and your employees have come to expect. Your staff’s time shouldn’t be wasted navigating overly complex IT systems (and your customers certainly shouldn’t). Every project is different. We don't force any particular model on customers. We recognise that both agile and conventional methods can be useful - as long as the job is done to time, cost and quality. There is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ mentality at Alpine – quite the opposite.

We’ll not just solve your technology problems – we’ll turn them into opportunities you didn’t know existed. Technology is now central to services and everything we do. We’ll help you lead change, rather than lag behind. Want to talk? We’re always here to discuss how we may be able to help you and your organisation.

For more information please contact info@alpine.eu.com or call 020 3478 1340

Procurement Frameworks

Procuring business, professional and consultancy services can be a time consuming and costly process. Alpine has various contracts and routes to market, including the ones listed below.

​Client & Framework

Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud

G-Cloud 9, Lot 3: Cloud Support - categories as listed on HMG's Digital Marketplace

Environment Agency

Pan Government Executive Recruitment framework

Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS)

Lot 1 (Digital Outcomes)
Lot 2 (Digital Specialists)

Kent County Council

Executive – temporary staff

Transport for London

Sub-contracted to a managed service

Network Rail

Sub-contracted to a managed service


Strategic HR Service (Executive Interims), pan-public sector

Consultancy Services 664_17

Ministry of Defence/BAE Systems

DHCSTC Research Framework – Joint with Gaiasoft International

Contingent Labour 1 (CL1) / Consultancy

One Professional neutral vendor services framework Via Capita / Consortium bid sub-contracted to Actica Consultancy Limited

Non Medical Non Clinical (NMNC)

Lot 4 - Corporate Functions

Our core values of Integrity and Transparency

Alpine provides transformational resource solutions to key Public Sector organisations and programmes throughout the UK.

We are a leading provider of Interim Management, Thought Leadership and Consultancy Services across UK Public Sector. Our core values of Integrity and Transparency underpin everything we do.

About the Team

Bridgette Cameron



Principal Consultant

Sugi Sugunasingha

Chief Financial Officer


Executive Personal Assistant


​Finance Coordinator



Bridgette Cameron


David Jones

Principal Consultant

Sugi Sugunasingha

Chief Financial Officer

Anita Netlova

Executive Personal Assistant

Ruby Dixon

Head of Local Government

Anna Griaznova

Finance Coordinator

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For latest developments, news and features regarding the Alpine Group and its subsidiaries, please contact us.

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13 years of leaving customers better equipped

Alpine provide high quality resource solutions to key Public Sector organisations and projects throughout the UK.

Alpine Resourcing will shortly be updating this page with their latest customer testimonials.

G-Cloud 9 Framework


Alpine have been selected as a provider for the following services on G-Cloud 9: Assurance ...

Alpine Innovation: Digital Catapult events ...


Alpine Innovation: Digital Catapult events integration of health and social care Earlier this year, alongside ...


Interim Candidate Considerations

Our Interim Managers add value because they are highly experienced in what they do and objective in their views. This comes from working in similar situations and being distanced from the day-to- day issues that can affect an organisation’s employees.

In short, they are interested in providing the right outcome for the client. One of the prime advantages of using an interim is gaining input from a highly qualified senior individual, without committing to the obligations of a permanent appointment when this may not be appropriate or necessary.

More than 60 per cent of our interims have come to us through referral. When we engage with an interim on assignment, we set out a series of ‘promises,’ outlining what they should expect from us during the term of the assignment – part of our commitment to transparency.

Definition of an Interim Manager

A senior individual who elects to be a self-employed professional and who is an expert in their field. They are someone who prefers to be engaged on their own contractual terms to deliver assignment outcomes, specified and developed with the client and professional interim service provider at the outset.

These highly experienced people may also be asked to manage an assignment to provide specialist expertise at senior management and board level due to executive absence or departure. A key differentiator for an interim is that they enable major change and endeavour to leave a legacy of benefit with the organisation after their departure.

Key identifiers:

Working on their own accord. They work closely with the client to define the method of approach and delivery.

They will have:

  • Typically, at least 10 years in their area of expertise and as a senior transformational leader or in a board level equivalent role.
  • Flexibility in the assignment from the client site or from their own base.
  • Their own equipment (unless client security demands otherwise).
  • Reputation pride – if the outcome is not met, cost is reduced accordingly.
  • Flexibility around commercials and pricing – fixed price, risk/reward or day rates.
  • As a minimum, combined company insurances and professional indemnity insurance.
  • The ability to act as the client's trusted advisor as a “given” part of their role.
  • A preference to be engaged on an outcome basis, rather than on a fixed duration.
  • Broad experience from having worked on a number of assignments, in a variety of sectors and on behalf of many organisations.

An interim manager should NOT be confused with a contractor – there are some noticeable differences in approach and the way they engage.

An interim manager is:

  • A strategic thinker and has demonstrable experience of major transformation at senior management and executive level
  • Somebody who has operated at this level for at least 10 years
  • An individual with the gravitas required to engage at board level and be a key confidant/trusted advisor
  • Able to demonstrate critical success in a variety of complex situations
  • Able to quickly grasp the crucial components of an organisations problems, and, with the overall picture in mind, devise strategies to resolve them
  • A good influencer, negotiator, stakeholder manager and always acts with the customer’s best interests in mind
  • Willing to agree up front the key deliverables needed to provide a good return on investment for the customer, being flexible with the commercial arrangements

An interim manager is not:

  • Somebody who works purely on a day rate basis, pricing themselves in accordance with market trends
  • Somebody who will leave an assignment unfinished for a higher rate/closer location or other enticement
  • Somebody who operates on a purely functional or tactical level
  • A developer/business analyst/technical support advisor
  • An individual who works via a consultancy company, with their employer’s best interests at heart
  • Somebody who requires guidance or a reporting line
  • Somebody who works a fixed working week, with normal working hours, based on customer site, using only customer equipment
  • Somebody who is a “replacement employee” being extended over and over in the same role

Every time we engage with an interim, we disclose what percentage of the chargeable rate is paid to the interim. By disclosing our fees and margins we are demonstrating our value of transparency. For further information on how to register with Alpine, please email info@alpine.eu.com or call 020 3478 1340.

Candidate Registration

In most cases we need you to send us your CV. In others we simply ask that you send your contact details and we will then get in touch if we believe there is an opportunity. For Alpine Advantage each situation has a bespoke process so please contact the office to discuss registration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either via email at info@alpine.eu.com or call us on 020 3478 1340.


Alpine is a leading provider of interim management, thought leadership and consultancy services. Our core values of integrity and transparency underpin everything we do.

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